Poster of the Uniform polyhedra

This page is about a project to create a giant poster of the 80 uniform polyhedra.

Years ago, I downloaded a similar one from Victor Bulatov' site.

I thought it was it was time for a new version, using the latest color printing and raytracing techniques.
(Also, my parents wanted one in their kitchen)

This is a low resolution version:

To get a high resolution version, click on the 4 quarters of the poster, and you will get a quarter of the poster in high-res jpeg.

I made these poster with an adapted version of a Pov-Ray script by By Russell Towle.
(Pov-Ray is a freeware ray trace program)
The adaptations:
 -Different color for each polygon type
 -Adapted coordinates so each body appears to stand on at least 3 points on the z=0 plane.
 -Played around with the lighting
- Made in ini file so Pov_Ray makes all 80 renderings batch-wise.

Here is the Pov-Ray source.

For a poster of just the Archimedeans, click on the halves of this one:
Archimedean solidsArchimedean solids